We are looking for editors and TLCs (translation checkers) that are willing to help us out. Due to RL, the current staff of editors can’t edit as much as needed. Also more TLCs would be welcomed. Feel free to email me or ask questions. My email is

1. What are the requirements? Such as experience?

There will be a test to check a person’s skill. No prior experience is required. There is a requirement for TLCs to be fluent in Japanese and English.

2. What do TLC and Editors exactly do?

The TLC checks a TL’s translation and ensures that the author’s idea is fully translated. Editors fix grammar issues, punctuation, wording issues, and fixing flow issues such as something being worded awkwardly.

3. How do you contact them? Would love to know how you mostly contact them.

I usually talk to editors and TLCs through Skype. Email also works.

4. Are beginners welcome? If so, do you either help them out if they are having problems through Skype(or any other methods of contact)?

Beginners are welcome as long as they can accept criticism and are willing to improve though they need to have at least some skill in editing. Usually I’ll give feedback on which areas need more working on.

5. One last, unrelated question. Are translators still accepted?

Yes. We’re also accepting translators, but there isn’t a pressing need as there is for editors and TLCs right now.

Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 24

Author — Light

If someone were to look at this scene, then without a doubt…they’ll open their eyes in simple doubt and laugh their asses off.
Why, you might ask?
It’s pretty simple.
A one armed toddler is carrying a shiny, silver great sword over his shoulders while going through a staring contest against a tailless dragon a hundred times his own size.
‘Why is the toddler facing off against a dragon while having half of his body is burnt?!’, ‘How can he even lift the great sword!?’ and ‘Why is he winning the stare down?!’ are all valid questions. Continue reading

Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Side Chapter 1

Author — Light

This is a special one time only event where I’ll write in 3rd person!

My skill with it ain’t that much, but…well, i hope i did it right.

Also, PS: i might have not edited this right…I’m not that good with hard words and grammar…My english is self taught :P

“I would dare to say that spring is the worst season of them all.” Exclaimed a young, beautiful lady as she watched the pedestrians walk bellow her balcony. Continue reading

Slave Harem 47

Hi Guys, did you miss me?

Aryaryagi was doing 47, so I thought I could take a week off, then I spent another week trying to speak to him to get the chapter (I think he finished it) but he didn’t respond, so I figured I should do it myself… but I was playing Yoshi’s Wooly World, and watching Game of Thrones so it got put off until I marathoned last night & tonight to get it done :P Continue reading

Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This!? –Chapter 23

Author — Light

“……Puaah! Finally! Why did you gag me in the first place, Alex!?”

Hmm? Is it me or does this guy seem excited?

「…..I was afraid that you’ll use magic against me.」

“Is that so, is that so! Either way, telepathy huh! I always wanted to utilize telepathy…it could help a lot when you are surrounded by enemies!”

This is…odd.
My father, who usually is timid, is somehow agitated and talkative.

“But either way, it seems that something you said caught my interest. You said earlier ‘Your son apologizes with all his heart’, right?”


“But you aren’t a boy?” Continue reading

Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 22 (Re-Written)

Author — Light

So, ahh, I’ve deleted the previous chapter and rewritten this one! It’s completely different!! I can tell ya, last chapter was like….pretty awful. That’s what happens when a man is confronted with grief, lack of sleep, and a whole lot other stuff. If no ones knows, my uncle passed away a few days ago, and I was pretty busy helping with lots of stuff. both mental and physical exhaustion ain’t stuff to trifle with, mates!

P.S: I hope this one is a lot less confusing. I always have a lot of ideas when writing, which tend to confuse me as well…which leads to half-assed written stuff…

「And so, your son apologizes with all his heart!」

I knelt down with all my might at my parents, who I’ve tied up to a tree a few hours ago.
My head has hit the ground with all it’s power, so blood is tumbling down my forehead and down to my mouth.
I’m not into selfcest, so my mouth is closed shut. Continue reading