Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?! –Chapter 29

Author — Light

Hello people! Long time no see! Who missed me? Anyhowz, sorry for the long delay!! The thing is, I had a trip with my family to leave the country which was supposed to be on the 26th (Tomorrow) but they moved it two weeks early without telling me! Do you believe it? I was suddenly woken up and told “Get ready! We’re going to the airport now!” And while being in a hurry…I forgot to pick up my laptop! So anyhow, Now I’m not in the country nor do I have my laptop. It took me around four days of writing on my phone’s small screen to finally finish this chapter…I really have no excuses! Anyhow, I’m really not sure when I’m going to be back home, but the most would be the 8th of August! (Because i got some stuff to attend to at home at around the 9th~10th of august)

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Slave Harem 48

Here it is, as promised. I should have one up next week too.

I still have some Skype messages to catch up on as well which I’ll do tomorrow. Sorry to those people.

On the plus side, my Terraria character just hit the maximum possible defense. Part of my being busy last week was just having a most of a week LAN with friends, though I can imagine some of you thinking “WTF, he was playing games instead of translating?”. LAN’s with friends are fun, and I can’t turn my friends down so I can sit alone & translate :P

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Din No Monshou – Chapter 4 (A)

So, I decided to do it like this because I’m unsure of a few things in my own life at the moment.   So, do you guys prefer the format from before, or how I’ve done it now?

Translator:  Rumanshi

Click my name for my blog.   I work on writing original English stuff, which isn’t why my translating takes so long…  I write them on my phone mostly.

Without further ado, Part A of Chapter 4.

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Complain to Rumanshi

Just to be clear – I work on ‘Din No Monshou’

Ehhh…  First off, would you guys please leave @zyrezs alone.  He’s not the one meant to be doing the next chapter…  That would be me.   I’m sick of writing up comments to state current position of chapters.  Anyway….

I would be glad if another person picked this up as I want to read it myself, but my pace is horrible, which people consistently point out.  So, if you ask someone to do it and they say yes, good for you!  However, just saying we should announce it is dropped because we’re extremely slow…  Doesn’t seem right.

I guess I could just disappear and never come back again…   Ahh, never mind about that.   This is a post you can make any complaints to, so yeah.

One last thing:  Would you prefer Chapter 4 to be completely fully, or have 2 parts posted?  If so, I could have the first part done very soon.