Slave Harem 34

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First I apologize for such long delay on releasing this chapter. I had really hard time translating the fighting scenes which caused me to take lots of breaks every time I got stuck so took me well over a week to finishing it, and that is with Cyrogen helping me out with the last 1/3 which he translated with assistance of MT and then I fixed up.

Secondly, I been crediting yomero with wrong title all this time, Panda pointed out to me the other day that it should actually be Translation Checker(TLC).

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Translator: OtkaMak, Cyrogen
Translation Checker: yomero
Editor: LordFyre, Clueless Panda

Chapter 34 – Secrets

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[Teaser] Synopsis for “When I Returned Home, what I Found is Fantasy!?”

TL: KazuZenshin

Editor: Clueless Panda

Author : Tsukimi Kokoa

The boy suddenly fell into a hole into another dimension and dropped into a world with sword and magic.
After a long journey of 2 years, the boy who experienced war, conspiracy, and tragedy finally came back alone to his home world, “The Earth”.
But the world to which he came back to has developed in science and technology and suddenly for the first time, this world and the world of Fantasy start to interact?

The world with principle, status, and advanced technology turned into one with modern fantasy.

Along with the world, the family he didn’t meet for many years changed.

The boy who has the knowledge and ability from the different world chooses to hide it for various circumstances.
Because he became accustomed to turmoil and incident, his behavior gradually attracts the attention of other people.

This is a story happening because of his return.

Please use the subtitle for the chapters because they are not in chronological order. (ED: Guessing this is an author’s note)

In addition, this novel is written by a selfish author, please understand.