Slave Harem 58

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So, with this chapter, RTD has officially done a quarter of Slave Harem. There’s 212 chapters total at the moment, and we picked it up after the first 5 :)

To celebrate, I’ll put up all my Slave Harem pics in a post some time on the weekend so keep an eye out for it. I would have posted them earlier, but some hadn’t happened in the story yet until Sherry’s bath scene, but there’s no spoilers among them anymore. Continue reading

Slave Harem 55

Here is another chapter for the week.

Not as accurate as my chapters before because I had no TLC this time to check lines I was not 100% sure on or even lines I was completely baffled about, and having editor who is 12 hours different time zone from me means for good editing I would need like another week due to communication intervals so some not so important lines changed meaning post editing. But no important lines were affected so I decided to release.

On a downside this lack of accuracy means my motivation plummeted(I’m a bit of a perfectionist) so this will probably be my last translation for a while unless a TLC and editor show up.

In regards to this chapter from my understanding a club is a type of hammer so the 2 words are used interchangeably, Sex Maniac is probably not the best title for job as it could also mean Seducer and Lady-killer plus few others that are less appropriate like Wolf. Oh and there is a skill called [Medical Care/Treatment] but after editing it somehow got turned to healing but I lack motivation to fix that.

Anyway enjoy reading.

Translator: OtkaMak
Editor: Cyrogen

Chapter 55 – Master Smith

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Slave Harem 54

Some of this chapter was quite painful to translate, one part gave the impression that the meaning of the Japanese word had changed over time, and there were two lines that my rough idea of just didn’t sound right. They didn’t make any difference to the story so I just left the original in a Translator note & skipped them. Sorry :(

Beast Attack.

Equipment was scattered all over the boss room on Vale Labyrinths seventh floor.
This probably means that the parties who wore this equipment have been wiped out. Continue reading